Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Melancholic Farewell

I am suddenly feeling melancholic when i realized that 2009 is ending in a few more hours.This year was truly a blissful and beautiful year, with so much blessings from the One. For that, i am grateful and content.

2 milestones was hit this year, we got married and we bought a place to call home. Friends got married, given birth. Some rises to the challenge, pursue their studies, some got their heart broken, yet they stand up strong again.And my family came home from overseas, for good.

The day we sealed the deal, 17 April 2009.

Our first holiday together, Pulau Redang, 21 April 2009.

Another one bites the dust, 10 October 2009.

And another one took the vow, 11 December 2009.

A place to call home, 17 December 2009.

Here is a toast to 2010, and may there be many more blessings and beautiful endings to come.Insya Allah.

Happy New Year everyone! ;)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

DIY : Guestbook Cards

This entry is a response to fuchsia, who asked me to elaborate more on the guestbook cards that I made for my friend last October.

To be honest, it was not so complicated, but it does require some patience. Anyway, if you do it bit by bit I am sure it’s going to be fun ;)

First things first, the materials:

Cards and papers

My friend and I was actually looking up and down for the right material to use for the cards, until we finally decided to purchase one set of pink hued 12x12 inches card stock from a craft shop in The Curve, Mutiara Damansara. I think the shop name is Papier Love. One thing I like about card stocks is that it is thicker, and the one we bought has small polka dots texture on it. It was imported, so it was costly, around RM50 per packet (there was around 16 pieces of cards inside). These card stocks can easily be found in craft stores.

So, depending on your budget, you may use these imported stock cards, or just resort to normal A4 size cards, available in most stationery shop. It's a lot cheaper and I think if you keep searching you could find good ones. Like for example, in a big stationery shop like Czip Lee (KL).

Next, for the pretty prints, we bought 2 pieces of AEIOU brand card papers (it is intended for card making), something similar to the one I want to use for my scrapbook. We chose the one with a wedding theme, and my plan was to cut the prints out in smaller pieces and stick on the cards. It’s an A3 size, so we had plenty. Besides the card papers, I also cut out motifs and prints from extra wrapping papers which I have in my collection. I think most of all know that AEIOU has a lot of nice designs, and it is Malaysian made, so you can find it easily :)

For the tools, these are helpful:

Paper puncher (I used a flora motif, which I bought for my wedding)
Paper cutter
Long ruler
Double sided tape (thick type)

Next, the methods:

1) Since the card stock is 12x12 inches, cut it out into smaller size, namely 6x3 inches. I used a paper cutter to achieve a neat cut.
2) Meanwhile, some help will be great, to cut out the cute prints from the card papers. How many, is up to you and how many cards you have.

3) Now its time to let your creative juices flow. Glue the cute prints on the card, or punch it with your paper puncher. The card punched out can also be reused on another card. Make sure you make enough space for writing.

Tips: To create a floating effect of the cute prints, use a thick double sided tape instead of glue. I used this method for larger prints. 4) Done! :)

As for the display idea, it was inspired from the image below, from Martha Stewart Weddings.

I bought a shallow vase from Hinode Shop (RM5), fill it with some faux petals (bride’s own) and made some gerbera flower arrangements to decorate the table. I bought a mason jar from Giant (RM4.90), tie it with a ribbon and it became the penholder.
After the wedding, perhaps you can stick the cards into a sticky album, or you may punch the corners and bind it together.

So, that’s about it. Selamat mencuba :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

7 Muharram 1431…

photography by mr hubby

…and it has been 7 days living together with hubby, in our brand new home. We started the new year with a good hijrah, and may there be much more good things to come this year, Insya Allah.

I have been so occupied with the moving, and now settling down and getting back to blogging.

This is a short entry but I will be back with more inspirations later.

Just taking this opportunity to wish brides Selamat Pengantin Baru, if there are any of you brides getting hitched this Christmas holidays :)

And Happy Holidays too!

Friday, December 11, 2009

B&B ♥ This #1

  1. Chiavari Chairs for Rental, from The Wedding Heaven (Malaysia). Image credited to Kahalaweddings
  2. DIY your wedding cake stand, found here.
  3. A simple and sweet calla lily hand bouquet, inspired from here.
  4. Matchbox favours for a change, find out how to DIY it, here.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Pomander Balls

Hola people.I am back :)

I apologize for the lack of updates for the past few weeks, but the sure thing is because I am so stressed out with work, and with our home relocation (read home, not house). You can read about it more in my personal blog, here.

I have plenty of materials and ideas to blog about but time is really envying me. But we’ll take it slow, shall we?


Flower pomander balls has became a hit among bride-to-be’s nowadays, with some of you going DIY, renting or just buying it for your keepsake. Most of it are used for decorations (pelamin, bilik pengantin or just around the home).

I used these cute balls as a replacement of hand bouquet for my flower girls, but honestly it had cost me a bomb. Yeah, maybe because I used fresh flowers and it was pretty much the last minute, I had to resort to the only source I could find.

If you think you want to give your flower girls pomander balls to hold, how about opting for something that is permanent and can be turned into a decoration later?

My suggestion: Faux flower pomander balls from Lovely Lace

Compared to fresh flowers, these babies can turn out to be a beautiful keepsake because obviously it does not dry out ;) Plus it just costs RM 22.90 per ball and I consider it a generous price. You may also drop some fragrance oil on it and your entourage will smell good baby!

Ok there is no need to tell where Lovely Lace is, it is everywhere! So if you want it, go get it ;)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

DIY : My Wedding Hantaran

Here is quite a delayed entry (like,6 months kot?),but i still want to share ;)

Many brides have chosen to go DIY these days,and i am happy to be in the same boat.For my own wedding, i did go diy on my own hantaran,and i am very happy with the accomplishment. Hantarans always lasts 1-2 days after nikah,and that makes me feel very "sayang" to let it go.So,brides,that is the point of having a good, no, GREAT photographer to capture your wedding details.

I chose Red,Silver and White theme for my hantaran.I did not plan to have fresh flowers,because of time and budget constraints.So,i bought artificial roses from a local wedding craft store and some other items from SSF.I took my own time doing it,going bit by bit,every weekend.Roughly it was around 2-3 months prior to the wedding.

All of these are made by me,except for the Sirih Junjung by JEZ Wedding.Thank God it blended in with the theme too.

Just my 2 cents : If you are going DIY,please try not to procrastinate until the "injury time".The last thing a bride wants is to worry about things that can be done ahead of time ;)

Kain Baju Melayu in Fuchsia,and a set of matching buttons

The wedding band (suasa putih,with sapphire stones)

Cupcakes by De Heart (excluding box)

Sirih Junjung by JEZ Wedding

Wallet and a cufflink set from my parents

(some aunty went weird about not having a shiny black leather shoes,but we chose to go practical,heheh.)

Tafsir Quran with silver case

Perfume Set

A DSLR (wish i have this in red :P)

There is one kind of a good feeling when you are able to look back to your big day and be happy and content about how it went. Of course flaws are inevitable,like people say,kita hanya merancang tapi Allah yang menentukan,right? My advice,plan,pray and be happy :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wood Dulang Hantaran

Oops, nearly 2 weeks ey, since i posted my last entry? Bummer.Too busy with work (which honestly is not a blast) and i couldn't seem to find time to update.


Here's yet another good alternative for dulang hantaran,made from au naturel wood.Hubby and I was in East Coast Mall in Kuantan town last weekend,and there was a Batik and Crafts fair.One of the booths was selling these :

Cantik kan? Hubby loves it very much he decided to buy one for me to use for serving guests someday :) It is not as heavy as it looks,seriously, its of a just nice weight to carry your hantaran items.Prices ranges from RM25-RM35 per tray.

I am not sure where else can these be found,but i grabbed the contact details of the supplier,in case some of you are interested:

Generasi Kraf
Khairil Anuar Abdul Ghani
Lot 942 Bengkel,Jalan Simpang Lubuk Kawah,
Simpang Lubuk Kawah,
28000, Temerloh,PAHANG

Footnote: Thanks again for the supports and comments expressed in my previous entry.It was very uplifting ;)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hey Anonymous!

Oh wow,B&B's got its first hater ;)I am in a positive mood today,so to Mr/Ms Anonymous i hope you are happy that i am announcing your comment to the world.

Oh yeah,my English is not perfect,i know that,but at least i am not shy to try and make mistakes right? I am sorry if i "insult" you because i am not very good in English like you kan?

Melayu memang boleh,tapi akan jadi tak boleh,kalau asyik bersifat dengki sesama sendiri kan?

Good luck to you too Anonymous! ;)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Real Wedding: How my dear friend carried a Coral theme beautifully :)

This was the wedding of one of my dear friends,Amira,who asked me to help out with her guestbook.

Reception was held in Dewan Merak Kayangan,Jalan Semarak,Kuala Lumpur on 11th October 2009. Wedding outfit and makeup was from the same bridal service as mine, JEZ Wedding.

I was so overwhelmed with joy watching her on the dais,with her beautiful coral themed dress and getting blessed from her parents and the other elders.

She really did nail the Coral theme colour.It was magnificent!
Congratulations Mira and Man,we pray for a lifetime of joy and happiness in your marriage,Insya Allah.
Feast your eyes people. And by the way, the photographer service has their own style too, checkout more at The Photolicious:

And here is my guestbook project completed, for her. I did everything including the gerbera flower arrangements ;P. Glad that the bride loved it.
Picture 1st is courtesy of The Photolicious, and 2nd is by hubby.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sophisticated Wedding defined.

This wedding made me feel warm and chic inside.Its subdued and sophisticated "tone" made it a beautiful wedding nonetheless.

And i lurve their idea for favours!

See more here in Snippet and Ink.

p/s: Don't you just love the photographer's style too?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Lanterns and Luminarias

Has been a while since i posted about weddings is it?

Its the wedding mood these days anyway, since i have received many invitations for October weddings.Will try to make it,insya Allah :) The most anticipated is of course the wedding of one of my best girls, Mira, whom i am helping out with the guestbook.I will update on the progress later,but now i would like to share this brilliant idea from Martha Stewart Weddings:

DOILY LUMINARIAS (can i call it Doily Lanterns?)

I think this is an absolutely brilliant idea to have on your guestbook table, main table or on your table centerpieces.But do take caution on the candles.

Find the how-to here.

As for the materials, Marry Me and Ole Ole Manis is selling the oh-so-affordable kraft paper bags, and you can find doilies from most of the wedding craft suppliers these days.

If you love this, you maybe loving this too,except that it uses festive lights like the one we use to hang during Raya:

Footnote : All images are credited to Martha Stewart Weddings

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

Saturday Cooks: Inspired by AFC

It has been a while since i cooked, perhaps due to the Ramadhan month. I recalled cooking just a few times.As for the other days, most of my iftar are either prepacked from office cafe, eating out or from Pasar Ramadhan indulgences.

I kind of missed cooking, so on Saturday, i decided to try out the recipe i got from watching Asian Food Channel (its one of my favourite.Heheh).

This is what we had for iftar on Saturday:

Stir fried peria (bittergourd) with tempe and ikan bilis. Recipe taken from here.

Jamie Oliver's Indian-spices rice

Mustard seeds (biji sawi)
Other variations of spices (e.g buah pelaga,jintan,or halba campuran)
Curry leaves
Lemon peels
Lemon juice
Coriander leaves(daun ketumbar)
Cooked rice (preferably hot)
Salt to taste

1.In a pan, heat oil and sautee (tumis) the spices until fragrant.
2. Toss in the curry leaves.Sautee until fragrant.
3.Toss in the lemon peels and sautee a while.
4. Mix the dressing above into the rice. Mix generously and season with lemon juice and salt.
5.Chop the coriander leaves and mix it with the rice.
6. Serve with veges and curry (we had it with chicken korma)

This is a dessert i made on Sunday, after watching French Food at Home at AFC.This was hubby's idea actually, to improvise the recipe from TV. The original recipe uses oranges, but because we had lemons and a pineapple, we used them instead. It turns out delicious! We had it with some Mocha Almond Fudge ice cream too.

Pineapples with caramelized Lemon Zest

Lemon zest/peel (cut into thin strips) - preboiled 3 rounds to eliminate the bitterness
Fresh pineapple (cut into small bite sizes
Any type of nuts for the crunch factor

1. Make the caramel by cooking the sugar in a bit of water until amber.
2. Toss in the lemon zest.
3. Drizzle over pineapples.
4. Garnish with nuts, and perhaps some ice cream/whipped cream.

Oh my tummy is growling already.Hang in there tummy.

Happy trying y'all ;)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Kad Perakuan Nikah

Received our Kad Perakuan Nikah already :) A nice addition to our wallets.Plus,easier to justify if we are caught berdua-duaan.Haha.

At JAWI we were charged RM28 for a pair of cards. It is not really compulsory to have it, but its pretty easy compared to squeezing the A4 sized sijil nikah copy in your purse,right?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Baby bumps congratulations

It seems like most people/bloggers whom i am familiar with, and got married this year,is now in a nesting mode. Many of them are pregnant with their first child, and here is a hearty Congratulations from me :)

My turn has not come yet,but me and hubby for sure is looking forward when the right time comes.Insya Allah.

A colleague of mine sent this beautiful article me (he is a new father-to-be himself), and i love to share it with you all.

Suatu hari seorang bayi siap untuk dilahirkan ke dunia...

Dia bertanya kepada Tuhan : " Para malaikat disini mengatakan bahawa besok Engkau akan mengirimkan saya kedunia, tetapi bagaimana cara saya hidup disana; saya begitu kecil dan lemah ?"

Dan Tuhan menjawab: "Aku telah memilih satu malaikat untukmu. Ia akan menjaga dan mengasihimu ."

Bayi bertanya lagi: "Tetapi disini; didalam syurga ini, apa yang saya lakukan hanyalah bernyanyi, bermain dan tertawa...Inikan sudah cukup bagi saya untuk berbahagia."

"Malaikatmu akan bernyanyi dan tersenyum untukmu setiap hari. Dan kamu akan merasakan kehangatan cintanya dan menjadi lebih berbahagia"

"Dan bagaimana bisa saya mengerti disaat orang-orang berbicara kepada saya jika saya tidak mengerti bahasa mereka ?"

"Malaikatmu akan berbicara kepadamu dengan bahasa yang paling indah yang pernah kamu dengar; dan dengan penuh kesabaran dan perhatian. Dia akan mengajar kepadamu cara berbicara."

"Dan apa yang akan saya lakukan saat saya ingin berbicara kepadaMu ?"

"Malaikatmu akan mengajarkan bagaimana cara kamu berdoa"

"Saya mendengar bahawa di Bumi banyak orang jahat. Siapa yang akan melindungi saya ?

"Malaikatmu akan melindungimu; walaupun hal tersebut mungkin akan mengancam jiwanya"

"Tapi, saya pasti akan merasa sedih kerana tidak melihatMu lagi"

"Malaikatmu akan menceritakan kepadamu tentang Aku, dan akan mengajarkan bagaimana agar kamu bisa kembali kepadaKu; walaupun sesungguhnya Aku akan sentiasa disisimu"

Disaat itu, Syurga begitu tenang dan heningnya sehingga suara dari Bumi dapat terdengar, dan sang bayi bertanya perlahan

"Tuhan, jika saya harus pergi sekarang, bisakah Kamu memberitahuku nama malaikat tersebut ?"

"Kamu akan memanggil malaikatmu itu: "IBU "

Ingatlah sentiasa kasih sayang dan pengorbanan ibu. Berbakti, berdoa dan cintailah dia sepanjang masa..... Dialah sesatunya harta yang tiada galang gantinya dunia akhirat....

Dan untuk para ibu, ingatlah kisah ini dikala kamu hilang sabar dengan karenah anak-anak yang sedang embesar...sesungguh nya Syurga itu dibawah telapak kakimu...

Sucikanlah 4 hal dengan 4 perkara :

1) Wajahmu dengan linangan air mata keinsafan,
2) Lidahmu basah dengan berzikir kepada Penciptamu,
3) Hatimu takut dan gementar kepada kehebatan Rabbmu, dan dosa-dosa yang silam
4) Di sulami dengan taubat kepada Dzat yang Memiliki mu."

To my friends, Sarah,Khairi,Shahrul and to fellow bloggers Nariko,Ms Tepung,Anna,Hidayu,Aimie Bahirah, i wish you the best on your (or your wife's) miracle journey :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Big Bridal Sale : 5-6 Sept 2009

Dear lovely readers (especially the bride to be's), please do not miss this :)
Another event by Weddings by Eternal

Do update in your blogs if you happen to go.We (or me) the previous brides would like to know what we missed.Hihi.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Starting Scrapbooking

I have been eyeing scrapbooks lately, but honestly i have not found the right time to start doing it.Plus the materials for the project is quite expensive, because most of it are imported from overseas. For hardcores, there are a few techniques to master, but personally i think its only a matter of creativity.

I have found a few websites regarding this hobby, which of course related to Malaysia. I also found a few online shops selling the materials.You can find it in my Craft Connections links on the right hand side of this blog.

A few weeks ago, i was out with my girlfriend Mira to search for her guestbook materials. It ended up not her buying, but me. We went to Czip Lee Plus in Jalan Telawi,Bangsar to look at the products from Smida Paper (a Malaysian online shop for crafts). Because i was so in love with the cute stickers and whatnots, i bought myself a set of Wedding Stickers for my own wedding scrapbook ;) It costs me RM15.90 for a set.Huhu.

After that, we went to Midvalley, again, i bought myself two pieces of cute papers from Moof (also Malaysian).Moof has not yet produced scrapbooking materials, but they are more to card making. I hope they can start producing malaysian made scrapbook materials, so that we do not have to burn holes in our pockets anymore.

After giving a thought, i think for the mo' i can improvise the materials for my wedding scrapbook. There are a lot of leftover ribbons, embellishments,etc from my wedding preparation last time, so i think i can make use of it.

I hope this project completes, eventhough it may take a while :)

If you are interested in scrapbooking too, don't forget to browse to the sites i linked ok? Seriously, it will make you jumping to start making your own!
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