Friday, October 2, 2009

Lanterns and Luminarias

Has been a while since i posted about weddings is it?

Its the wedding mood these days anyway, since i have received many invitations for October weddings.Will try to make it,insya Allah :) The most anticipated is of course the wedding of one of my best girls, Mira, whom i am helping out with the guestbook.I will update on the progress later,but now i would like to share this brilliant idea from Martha Stewart Weddings:

DOILY LUMINARIAS (can i call it Doily Lanterns?)

I think this is an absolutely brilliant idea to have on your guestbook table, main table or on your table centerpieces.But do take caution on the candles.

Find the how-to here.

As for the materials, Marry Me and Ole Ole Manis is selling the oh-so-affordable kraft paper bags, and you can find doilies from most of the wedding craft suppliers these days.

If you love this, you maybe loving this too,except that it uses festive lights like the one we use to hang during Raya:

Footnote : All images are credited to Martha Stewart Weddings


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