Tuesday, November 3, 2009

DIY : My Wedding Hantaran

Here is quite a delayed entry (like,6 months kot?),but i still want to share ;)

Many brides have chosen to go DIY these days,and i am happy to be in the same boat.For my own wedding, i did go diy on my own hantaran,and i am very happy with the accomplishment. Hantarans always lasts 1-2 days after nikah,and that makes me feel very "sayang" to let it go.So,brides,that is the point of having a good, no, GREAT photographer to capture your wedding details.

I chose Red,Silver and White theme for my hantaran.I did not plan to have fresh flowers,because of time and budget constraints.So,i bought artificial roses from a local wedding craft store and some other items from SSF.I took my own time doing it,going bit by bit,every weekend.Roughly it was around 2-3 months prior to the wedding.

All of these are made by me,except for the Sirih Junjung by JEZ Wedding.Thank God it blended in with the theme too.

Just my 2 cents : If you are going DIY,please try not to procrastinate until the "injury time".The last thing a bride wants is to worry about things that can be done ahead of time ;)

Kain Baju Melayu in Fuchsia,and a set of matching buttons

The wedding band (suasa putih,with sapphire stones)

Cupcakes by De Heart (excluding box)

Sirih Junjung by JEZ Wedding

Wallet and a cufflink set from my parents

(some aunty went weird about not having a shiny black leather shoes,but we chose to go practical,heheh.)

Tafsir Quran with silver case

Perfume Set

A DSLR (wish i have this in red :P)

There is one kind of a good feeling when you are able to look back to your big day and be happy and content about how it went. Of course flaws are inevitable,like people say,kita hanya merancang tapi Allah yang menentukan,right? My advice,plan,pray and be happy :)
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