Tuesday, December 29, 2009

DIY : Guestbook Cards

This entry is a response to fuchsia, who asked me to elaborate more on the guestbook cards that I made for my friend last October.

To be honest, it was not so complicated, but it does require some patience. Anyway, if you do it bit by bit I am sure it’s going to be fun ;)

First things first, the materials:

Cards and papers

My friend and I was actually looking up and down for the right material to use for the cards, until we finally decided to purchase one set of pink hued 12x12 inches card stock from a craft shop in The Curve, Mutiara Damansara. I think the shop name is Papier Love. One thing I like about card stocks is that it is thicker, and the one we bought has small polka dots texture on it. It was imported, so it was costly, around RM50 per packet (there was around 16 pieces of cards inside). These card stocks can easily be found in craft stores.

So, depending on your budget, you may use these imported stock cards, or just resort to normal A4 size cards, available in most stationery shop. It's a lot cheaper and I think if you keep searching you could find good ones. Like for example, in a big stationery shop like Czip Lee (KL).

Next, for the pretty prints, we bought 2 pieces of AEIOU brand card papers (it is intended for card making), something similar to the one I want to use for my scrapbook. We chose the one with a wedding theme, and my plan was to cut the prints out in smaller pieces and stick on the cards. It’s an A3 size, so we had plenty. Besides the card papers, I also cut out motifs and prints from extra wrapping papers which I have in my collection. I think most of all know that AEIOU has a lot of nice designs, and it is Malaysian made, so you can find it easily :)

For the tools, these are helpful:

Paper puncher (I used a flora motif, which I bought for my wedding)
Paper cutter
Long ruler
Double sided tape (thick type)

Next, the methods:

1) Since the card stock is 12x12 inches, cut it out into smaller size, namely 6x3 inches. I used a paper cutter to achieve a neat cut.
2) Meanwhile, some help will be great, to cut out the cute prints from the card papers. How many, is up to you and how many cards you have.

3) Now its time to let your creative juices flow. Glue the cute prints on the card, or punch it with your paper puncher. The card punched out can also be reused on another card. Make sure you make enough space for writing.

Tips: To create a floating effect of the cute prints, use a thick double sided tape instead of glue. I used this method for larger prints. 4) Done! :)

As for the display idea, it was inspired from the image below, from Martha Stewart Weddings.

I bought a shallow vase from Hinode Shop (RM5), fill it with some faux petals (bride’s own) and made some gerbera flower arrangements to decorate the table. I bought a mason jar from Giant (RM4.90), tie it with a ribbon and it became the penholder.
After the wedding, perhaps you can stick the cards into a sticky album, or you may punch the corners and bind it together.

So, that’s about it. Selamat mencuba :)


fAtrinA said...

yeayyy! thanx for sharing..mmg gud idea 'big grid'

A'XTEQS said...

its amazing...hebatt

--anil lutaze

naTea said...

cute n simple idea! mmg ade bakat nie yuni~ kalo time akak nnt..foc leh tak? :P

Fuchsia said...

oh my! i'm totally extremely grateful dear. this will help me a lot for my guestbook-yg-ntah-bila-nak-buat nih.

or maybe i'll just pull everything together into a scrapbook kot. hiks.

yunayuni said...

fatrina: np ;)
anil: thx beb.
natea: owh bisa diatur ;P
fuchsia: good luck with that! :)

sara said...


where can u get the AEIOU card papers? carik2 x jumpa la.

yunayuni said...

hi sara! In KL, AEIOU papers can be found in MPH Mid Valley..

Or if you happen to be in One Utama,u cari kedai craft "Craft Haven". Lots of AEIOU :)

hope this helps!

wawa said...

may i know where u bought the paper cutter? how much is it?

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