Monday, December 7, 2009

Pomander Balls

Hola people.I am back :)

I apologize for the lack of updates for the past few weeks, but the sure thing is because I am so stressed out with work, and with our home relocation (read home, not house). You can read about it more in my personal blog, here.

I have plenty of materials and ideas to blog about but time is really envying me. But we’ll take it slow, shall we?


Flower pomander balls has became a hit among bride-to-be’s nowadays, with some of you going DIY, renting or just buying it for your keepsake. Most of it are used for decorations (pelamin, bilik pengantin or just around the home).

I used these cute balls as a replacement of hand bouquet for my flower girls, but honestly it had cost me a bomb. Yeah, maybe because I used fresh flowers and it was pretty much the last minute, I had to resort to the only source I could find.

If you think you want to give your flower girls pomander balls to hold, how about opting for something that is permanent and can be turned into a decoration later?

My suggestion: Faux flower pomander balls from Lovely Lace

Compared to fresh flowers, these babies can turn out to be a beautiful keepsake because obviously it does not dry out ;) Plus it just costs RM 22.90 per ball and I consider it a generous price. You may also drop some fragrance oil on it and your entourage will smell good baby!

Ok there is no need to tell where Lovely Lace is, it is everywhere! So if you want it, go get it ;)


bitsANDpieces said...

so true. i setuju. besides, if you taknak beli pon, diy pon okay jugak kan?

hidden.wing said...

for cheaper pomanders, boleh beli from kk home deco & sin yin (semua house)..11 ringgit :D

yunayuni said...

ahah.yeke shylla.then that's better.heheh.

i think mira got it from sin yin too.

abdul rahman said...

yep2 i bought them in semua house. more choice n murah jgk laa. at first igtkan nak wat sendri. tp kire2 blk fake flowers skg ni pon not bad gak laa harga dia, i mean yg nice 1. so kalo wat sendri harga dia lbh kurg jgk kalo beli trus yg dh siap. n considering that i have so lil time left, y not just grab 2 of them, eh actually i borong about 7 of them! hehehe. geram cute sgt. they got in single flower ball n also 3 serangkai. yg 3 serangkai tu i mix them up with rantai crystal for my bedroom deco. nice laa :)

- Nya from hubby's pc

Ami Schaheera said...

i pun baru nak berjinak2 nak buat pomander.. kalau tak sempat beli siap terus la jawabnya haha

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