Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sophisticated Wedding defined.

This wedding made me feel warm and chic inside.Its subdued and sophisticated "tone" made it a beautiful wedding nonetheless.

And i lurve their idea for favours!

See more here in Snippet and Ink.

p/s: Don't you just love the photographer's style too?


anil lutaze said... tu mmg berinspirasi lah

yunayuni said...

cantik kan? a ah..memang best site tu.eventhough western style,tapi ada some of the elements kita boleh guna untuk wedding malaysian ;)

weDa said...

oww suwit nye paper bag tu. site tu pun best. thx for sharing :)

Qis said...

love the black elements... truly 'classically timeless and modernly chic'... thanks for sharing!

BuTtErFlyInFraMe said...


marryme said...

yupyup sgt chic! i loike! :)

dialicious said...

oh so cuteeee..can i get married again..hehe..(w the same guy)

yunayuni said...

yeah i wish i could do that too ;P

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