Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wood Dulang Hantaran

Oops, nearly 2 weeks ey, since i posted my last entry? Bummer.Too busy with work (which honestly is not a blast) and i couldn't seem to find time to update.


Here's yet another good alternative for dulang hantaran,made from au naturel wood.Hubby and I was in East Coast Mall in Kuantan town last weekend,and there was a Batik and Crafts fair.One of the booths was selling these :

Cantik kan? Hubby loves it very much he decided to buy one for me to use for serving guests someday :) It is not as heavy as it looks,seriously, its of a just nice weight to carry your hantaran items.Prices ranges from RM25-RM35 per tray.

I am not sure where else can these be found,but i grabbed the contact details of the supplier,in case some of you are interested:

Generasi Kraf
Khairil Anuar Abdul Ghani
Lot 942 Bengkel,Jalan Simpang Lubuk Kawah,
Simpang Lubuk Kawah,
28000, Temerloh,PAHANG

Footnote: Thanks again for the supports and comments expressed in my previous entry.It was very uplifting ;)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hey Anonymous!

Oh wow,B&B's got its first hater ;)I am in a positive mood today,so to Mr/Ms Anonymous i hope you are happy that i am announcing your comment to the world.

Oh yeah,my English is not perfect,i know that,but at least i am not shy to try and make mistakes right? I am sorry if i "insult" you because i am not very good in English like you kan?

Melayu memang boleh,tapi akan jadi tak boleh,kalau asyik bersifat dengki sesama sendiri kan?

Good luck to you too Anonymous! ;)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Real Wedding: How my dear friend carried a Coral theme beautifully :)

This was the wedding of one of my dear friends,Amira,who asked me to help out with her guestbook.

Reception was held in Dewan Merak Kayangan,Jalan Semarak,Kuala Lumpur on 11th October 2009. Wedding outfit and makeup was from the same bridal service as mine, JEZ Wedding.

I was so overwhelmed with joy watching her on the dais,with her beautiful coral themed dress and getting blessed from her parents and the other elders.

She really did nail the Coral theme colour.It was magnificent!
Congratulations Mira and Man,we pray for a lifetime of joy and happiness in your marriage,Insya Allah.
Feast your eyes people. And by the way, the photographer service has their own style too, checkout more at The Photolicious:

And here is my guestbook project completed, for her. I did everything including the gerbera flower arrangements ;P. Glad that the bride loved it.
Picture 1st is courtesy of The Photolicious, and 2nd is by hubby.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sophisticated Wedding defined.

This wedding made me feel warm and chic inside.Its subdued and sophisticated "tone" made it a beautiful wedding nonetheless.

And i lurve their idea for favours!

See more here in Snippet and Ink.

p/s: Don't you just love the photographer's style too?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Lanterns and Luminarias

Has been a while since i posted about weddings is it?

Its the wedding mood these days anyway, since i have received many invitations for October weddings.Will try to make it,insya Allah :) The most anticipated is of course the wedding of one of my best girls, Mira, whom i am helping out with the guestbook.I will update on the progress later,but now i would like to share this brilliant idea from Martha Stewart Weddings:

DOILY LUMINARIAS (can i call it Doily Lanterns?)

I think this is an absolutely brilliant idea to have on your guestbook table, main table or on your table centerpieces.But do take caution on the candles.

Find the how-to here.

As for the materials, Marry Me and Ole Ole Manis is selling the oh-so-affordable kraft paper bags, and you can find doilies from most of the wedding craft suppliers these days.

If you love this, you maybe loving this too,except that it uses festive lights like the one we use to hang during Raya:

Footnote : All images are credited to Martha Stewart Weddings
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