Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Melancholic Farewell

I am suddenly feeling melancholic when i realized that 2009 is ending in a few more hours.This year was truly a blissful and beautiful year, with so much blessings from the One. For that, i am grateful and content.

2 milestones was hit this year, we got married and we bought a place to call home. Friends got married, given birth. Some rises to the challenge, pursue their studies, some got their heart broken, yet they stand up strong again.And my family came home from overseas, for good.

The day we sealed the deal, 17 April 2009.

Our first holiday together, Pulau Redang, 21 April 2009.

Another one bites the dust, 10 October 2009.

And another one took the vow, 11 December 2009.

A place to call home, 17 December 2009.

Here is a toast to 2010, and may there be many more blessings and beautiful endings to come.Insya Allah.

Happy New Year everyone! ;)


Nurul said...

auww sgr laa terharu~~
yes, 2009 left us with a lot of memories!
may 2010 brings us with more joy n blessful life!

Hepi niu yer! ;)

hafizshinchan said...

kahwin & dah beli rumah baru
btw pasni buleh tanam rumput padang gold kat rumah. ahaks

idayusof said...

sayangku.. wedding date kita insyaAllah same... tarikh je lain. hehe 17 April.

yunayuni said...

yeke kak yus? wah2 leh a kita sambut double anniversary..hehe :)

anil lutaze said...

mmg memorable 2009 kan

yunayuni said... was a beautiful year :)

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