Monday, March 1, 2010

My new adventure.

Wow,is it already the 1st of March? Where did the first two months go?

Time flies so fast, and i apologize for the lack of updates recently. To be honest i have stopped browsing the Internet for a while, mainly because these days i could not stand looking at the monitor screen too long (however my job requires me to do so, so i everyday i pray that i do not go crazy over that).

Remember the vacation i went last month? Oh well, with it came good news.

A bun is finally cooking in the oven :)

Do pray for me ok? Morning sickness (more to all day nauseating) has just settled in, but thank God i think i have found a way to manage it (which involves eating). Huhu. I am just hitting the 2nd month, so its kind of a rollercoaster ride right now. But an awesome one :)

Meanwhile, do not worry lovely brides, i will try my best to come up with more inspirations for you.

Till then, much love!


Fathiyah said...

sgt hepi wif this news =)
jaga diri elok2 k. insyallah,hopefully everythings will be ok for u & ur baby =)

scweet mafis said...

yunn, dah prengant ker? congrates yeh to both of u. mesti seronok.. Pls take care k, setahu kak is 1st time is a bit risky but no need to think about that k. just enjoy ur moment as m2b :)

yunayuni said...

fathi and kak is, thanks very much dearies :) insya allah, harap2 perjalanan 9 bulan ni dipermudahkan :)

Qis said...

congrates, dear!!! so happy for you!!! :D

sitijamilahazmi said...

awwwwww ayuni! =) congratulations! im sure the lil miracle will give you fun rollercoaster rides ey? and hey, do inspire us with babyhood as well ok? hugs hugs

yunayuni said...

thanks qis and jamilah! :*

Sha Pattinson said...

wowww ...congratssss ..hukhukhuk ..sangat teruja ..waaa best yeaaa ... take care tau ..

Brain Cell Killa said...

heard the news from Sha.. congrats! and do take care of yourself..

Anonymous said...

omg omg! congrats you!!

Nurulhuda|Adlie said...

aiyoo tertinggal keretapi, haha but still sempat, CONGRATS!! take care tau.. =)

anil lutaze said...

ouhhh.saya pon trtinggal keretapi..
congratss yuni...happy for u!! wee

letti said...

congratulations!!!! That's wonderful! Take good care of yourself and enjoy your pregnancy :) It'll be an awesome time.

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