Monday, March 15, 2010

Baby Blanket Materials

As far as my counting goes, yesterday was the day this little miracle inside my tummy turned 2 months. Gosh, another 7 months to go, and that is not so long y’all!

I have not made any baby stuff shopping yet, but hubby and I have started surveying for the baby gears already.

I am planning to make a project for my first baby, and most likely I am going to start making a baby blanket. Because I do not know the gender yet, I have decided to use a universal colour (not pink, not blue). The thing is I am not sure where to buy the materials that makes a good blanket. I want a comfy fabric, I read fleece is a good choice, but again, I really need some recommendations of where to get such fabrics.

Do I have to go to the big textile houses to get it? Meaning, do I have to go to the center of KL where the good textile houses are? Now that could be a problem, coz I am really not a big fan of crowds at this point of time :-S

If only there is an online shop for this…hurmm..

Anyway, just sharing, here is a great website for those of you planning to do a baby project (tak kisahlah, for your baby or as a gift :)

Click here!

Something like this would be nice :)


rina said...

yuni penah singgah tak blog akak ni
dia jahit dress anak dia sendiri n macam2 lg (semua comel2). but now she is in UK, so senang la kot dpt fabric2 bes.
blog ni:
dia pon menjahit gak. bole bloghop dr blog dia ke blog2 crafter lain kot.

yunayuni said...

thanks kak rina.yeah yang babyaidafiqs tu ada usha gak..yang anasfadilah tu boleh usha lagi :) harap2 jumpa source..serius tatau nak cari mana..heheh..

Nurulhuda|Adlie said...

dear, forgive me pls! sorry, nape i lambat sangat ni, hehe congrats okay for the lil precious, soooo happy for u, serious!!

yunayuni said...

hihi huda, no probs lah :) thanks tau!

anil lutaze said...

baru tahu..dah wish kt previous entry. tp wish congrats again to u..

jomlah join gathering blogger this 27th mac.. nk sgt ketemu

yunayuni said...

hihi thanks anil! insya allah,nak sgt join gathering tu tapi tgh plan timing lagi.maklumlah tinggal di kejauhan ni,nak balik kl pun kena plan travelling.haiseh.

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