Tuesday, March 9, 2010

B&B Heart This #3

{click to enlarge}

1 ) How about a treat for your loyal and hardworking ‘pengapit’, bridesmaids or even your assistance team? Not necessary be fancy gifts, a snack pack will do enough justice to help them go through the hectic day. From Martha Stewart Weddings.
2 ) A candy bar is the new trend, via Chic Maps by Nikki.
3) Drape-like cake design. I love the flowers :). Found here at BlogWishpot
4) A doily motive hantaran tray, from Eliza Elies Gifts.


Fathiyah said...

doily motive tray tu sgt2 cute =)
like it sooo much.hehe

chenta said...

hi..=) saya silent reader b&b blog..dah banyak ari tak drop by membaca,tup2 arini bukak blog u and i like OMG..u'll become a mom!! happy for u,saya doakan semua selamat n please,jangan stop menulis k..esp on wedding stuff hehe..


yunayuni said...

fathiyah, cute kan? napela masa kita kawen takde pulak jumpa mende cute camtu eh.heheh..

chenta, hey,thanks dear :) will try my best to keep on writing for my dear readers!

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