Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Photobooths for a change?

Hey lovely readers, I am back! The vacation was fun and interesting, but now it is time to go back to business.

How was yours? Hope you had a great holiday too!

Anyway, here are my heartiest congratulations to White Lace Tale, Amy Missunderstood and Alena for their wedding last weekends. I am yearning to look at the photos, the wedding must have been beautiful, considering the huge amount of planning and time spent for the wedding preparation.

I read in Amy’s blog that she was planning to have a photobooth at her wedding. I think that is a great idea! I hope she could share with us about the success. Her guests must have been delighted to pose in the booth.

Here are a few ideas for wedding photobooths. It does not necessarily need to be romantic and formal, some brides may also prefer going quirky and fun.

I am not sure where to get photobooth rental in the country, but instead of having that, you may set up one small corner at your reception for this purpose. Discuss with your photographer for the options, he/she may agree to go with this and arrange for a session. Or maybe, you can ask for help from a family member or friend (who is photo savvy) to do it!

Of course, like guestbooks, these photobooths need some promoting to the guests. So make sure that your guests are aware of this booth. This may be new to Malaysian weddings, but I believe in time, it will gain its popularity! It’s up to you to start the trend :)

Remember, being on a budget does not mean you cannot have this. You just have to be creative to improvise and make do ;)


Quiyah & Hasrul said...

canteknye photobooth warna maroon itu..

Qis said...

i love u. seriously. heheh. actually i was contemplating about this whole photo booth thingy, but u convinced me with those pictures. u have magic fingers. thanks for posting this.

p.s. i owe u something :P email me your add pls...

yunayuni said...

qis,glad i inspired you! ;) i will email you soon! thanks!

Cik Belle said...

nice. thanks for the entry! =)

anil lutaze said...

lawaaa...mat salih ni mmg byk ideanyaa

^^miszdeana^^ said...

hye dear..i will b follow u,hope u too :)..btw,i pn ske photobooth ms.amy..her wedding pn nmpk exclusive..

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