Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wedding Bazaar Gathering

Sedikit terlambat untuk post ini, tapi masih ada masa untuk pendaftaran! :) Everyone is invited!

Venue : Daisy Hall, The Zon All Suites Residence, Kuala Lumpur (behind KLCC Mosque)
Date : 27 March 2010
Time : 2-6pm
Fees : RM25 per person
Registration deadline: Friday, 19 March 2010 (hurry!)
How to register: Email to Puan Diahlicious (

Agenda & Activities:
-Hi-tea (light meals)-doorgift-games-(for guys,girls,unmarried couples&married couples)-wedding talk&discussions-parade of wedding dresses by some famous designers(ex brides')-wedding albums review-booth for wedding stuff and casual stuff(wedding cards,dresses&accessories,doorgifts,mini dais,lanterns,feminine care)-workshops and tips

This is a great opportunity to meet up! See you there! :)


idayusof said...


pg ke? jumpe kat sane!

anil lutaze said...

waa..awak pg ke??? serius...jumpa kt sana..yay!!

Fathiyah said...

ayuni,awak pi ke?
nnt jmpa kat sana ye.insyallah

dialicious said...

seme nak jumpe awak di sana ;p
tq for the promo yea..:)

KedaiPanas said...

hye ayuni,
tq for dropping by our booth and purchasing ur very first baby clothing from us. hope that u'll enjoy ur pregnancy and everything will run smoothly for u. take care dear =)

-farah of kedaipanas-

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