Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Post Wedding Bazaar Gathering

I think i am infected by the lazy bug and the busy bug, all at the same time. Anyway hope this entry is not stale yet, eventhough its not really hawt out of the oven. Heheh. Plus i think many other bloggers have posted the hip-happening Wedding Bazaar Gathering post already.

Anyway these are what hubby's lenses captured on the day. We arrived at 2.30pm (thanks to the bad traffic in KL) from Kuantan, right after my second prenatal checkup (gigih kan?) haha. Left at around 5.30pm, gosh, time flew so fast. Lepas tu boleh pergi shopping KLCC lagi :)

It was exciting, and the crowd was H to the UGE!

Ok girls, feast your eyes ;)

Anil's dress, right at the main entrance. I love it, looks nicer when you see it live. Material memang superb.

With Cik Ika of Perjalanan 30 Mei. Ain't she a beauty?

With Anil lah, siapa lagi :) Anil is a very bubbly person, just like how she blogs.

With Aim and Ida Yusof, brides to be.

With Azi a.k.a Nariko. Very sweet person ;)

Ok that's me. Gosh, i have put on a lot of weight ;S

Can't resist buying our first baby cloth, with Kedai Panas.Too cute!

Finally met Qis, who just got married. She is tall! And sweet too :) Ok that was me in storytelling mode :P

In a nutshell, congratulations to all committee members because the event was great! I did not find time to say hi to some of others (also because i can't recognize some), but anyway hope there is another chance next time, Insya Allah :)


cik ika said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cik ika said...

tq2.ika rembat la gambar ni eh.letak kt blog.hehe.gambar kite tunang ika amek goyang.sabar jela.. tiga2 gambar goyang.. nanti ika kawen, dtg kampung je.hehehe

yunayuni said...

hi problem amek je gambar2 tu..hehe.ika kawen nnti insya allah, kalau ada rezeki sampailah sana.tak kisahlah kampung, paling penting happening n meriah :)

Nurulhuda|Adlie said...

tak dapat jumpa, sob son :(((

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