Sunday, June 7, 2009

Udaimatunnur by BPS

I'd recommend this boutique, especially to a modern,muslimah and high-street budget bride :

Udaimatunnur by Butik Pengantin Syahirah

Fell in love with the designs, and most of all how the designer makes the tudung to complement the dress nicely. You dont have to go for the hassle of searching or altering the dress to fit your muslimah image, or searching for the right tudung.It's just designed for you!

Some information of the boutique:

Contact Details:
No 5, Jalan Bunga Kertas 1B/2, Bukit Beruntung (Bukit Sentosa), Rawang
Price range:
RM2150 to RM6000 for bridal attire rentals

p/s : Please correct me if i am wrong about the details.


noorina said...

the 1st pic tu yg baju purple tu is my secondary school fren..if im not mistaken, tu baju kawin dia yg betul.

yunayuni said...

oo yeke kak.i think i saw her blog too.dia model kan?

cantik gak baju dia..

noorina said...

ha ah part time model rasanye.. guess what.. semlm baru terserempak dgn dia kat sushi king ampang point..haha

Azra said...

All the details are correct. I went there before sometime in November. Before pergi, buat appointment dulu... Mr Ismail is a busy man.

I was well impressed with his collection. Pakej yang dia offer range from Rm3050 - RM 5k ++. Itu yang pakej, kalau baju perempuan saja sewa is Rm2k.

Baju dia memang cantik. My cousin kata design dia biasa, tapi manik memang sarat. That's why cantik. I totally fell in love with this one dress, so I will suggest it to be worn on my hubby-2-be reception. ^_^

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