Thursday, June 4, 2009

Guestbooks Galore

I was browsing through my wedding guestbook and once again felt so touched by the sweet, thoughtful and cute wedding wishes.

Guestbooks are one of the important "memory-keeping" elements one bride can inject into her wedding, besides photography and videography. Being able to see your beloved guests putting down their personal touch really makes it a valuable keepsake.

During my wedding preparation i was able to find many types of guestbooks, from designer to high street to budget savvy.But again,it depends on your budget. If you have an extra penny, invest on a luscious and bejewelled guestbook like this one from Luxurious Wedding Style Report

or this one from My Dream Wedding

Or maybe a traditional and simple one like this, from Wedding Things?

Or a framed guestbook like this, from Advantage Bridal?

This is a unique piece of guestbook, makes you feel like in a fairytale :), from Eye Catching Creations

If you feel like DIY (like i did), simply look for a nice notebook and adore it with your own decorations. Use monograms,for example. For mine, i just tied a ribbon, stick on some floral embellishments and a stocking butterfly. I used a notebook that just cost me RM15.

I also noticed that some hantaran designer/crafter can actually make a guestbook, based on your preferences. In Kuantan town, a wedding shop called Small Garden can do this. It is located near SSF Kuantan if you want to check it out.

So scout around brides, you will find the one that captures your heart!


Nariko said...

wow.. those are nice.. thinking of a guestbook for my wedding, tp tak tau la sempat ke tak nak buat.. adeh...

yunayuni said...

hi nariko.if you are willing to spend,there are lots of off the shelf choices.i ada jumpa kat Lovely Lace,and in a gift shop in The Curve..Tapi harganya least RM60.huhu.cekik darah.

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