Sunday, June 21, 2009

Kitchenwares to fall in love with.

At this point,i am pretty much satisfied of what i have in the kitchen.Being an experimenter (is there such word?) in the kitchen, i find tools are of the essentials.

Honestly i can say that most of my kitchenwares are hand-me-downs,from dear mama,but nevertheless they are still quite useful.When papa and mama left for Holland i managed to salvage many items from the kitchen,which will end up being thrown or given away if i did not do so.

A big portion of our wedding gift is also kitchenwares or electrical items.Thanks to my beloved guests it adds nicely to my collection :) One of my favourites is the Philips Mini Blender,which does wonders when cooking in a small portion. Saves my time very much and because its petite,its not difficult to clean and store.

By the way, i am also eyeing these kitchenware range from Nigella Lawson. I noticed that she is using her own tools in her shows,and i always wonder where it comes from. After googling and surfing her site now i know that she has her own range. Nigella is a practical person in the kitchen and that is what i love about her.

My favs from Nigella's range:

Juice Squeezer

Chopping Board with Tray

Mezzaluna Herb Chopper

Serving Hands

Find out more in Nigella's official Website,here.


Jasmin Hassan said...

that chopping board is really convenient! (says the domestically challenged)

yunayuni said...

jasmin: yeah so very convenient.i like it too :) everyone loves convenience.hihi.

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