Friday, June 26, 2009

Real Wedding : Say it in Pink and Green

Date : 7 June 2009
Venue : Bride's home, Kg Tok Sira, Kuantan,PAHANG
I find this wedding colour rather bold but bravo to the bride for going for it. I just love the pink hues!
This is the wedding of Nelly, an ex-colleague.Congratulations Nelly and Faiz, welcome to the club and semoga jodoh berpanjangan dunia akhirat ;)

p/s: I also heart the floral bouquet, made especially by the bride's mother.Instead of fresh flowers,she used ribbons and clear,crystal like flowers (dunno what exactly they call it.Heheh)

"You're nothing short of my everything." --Ralph Block


Jasmin Hassan said...

that card is exactly what i had in mind, except that i wanted it in white... kat mana eh?

Jasmin Hassan said...

ps, i saw the white one from lh creative.

yunayuni said...

jasmin : owh looks like you found it.that card is from LH Creative.Banyak jugak choice dia.

Nelly my friend said her card was mistakenly printed in that colour, when she actually ordered another colour.To compensate to that LH Creative offered her a better package.She took the mistaken colour,but they give her nice envelopes and enclosure in a price wayyy cheaper.

lesson learned,sila berhati2 dgn tempahan.heheh.

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