Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I have been honoured.. the next bride, and also a close friend, Mira.. prepare and design the guestbook for her upcoming wedding in October.

I am flattered :)

By the way, she finalized her colour theme already, and what's more suitable than this sweet and innocent combination (although she is not so innocent anymore :P)

Coral and White

Just some ideas for Mira from my humble findings.Some of it are not really coral,but i think they can complement the colour well :

Invitations (not sure where from,lemme know if you know ok?)

Photography and Wedding Setting from Anne Ruthmann

Bridesmaid Attirefrom Bali Kebaya

Guestbook (maybe we can change the brown to white) from Creative Bridal Solutions

Pelamin (Wedding Dais) from Nas Great Idea

So i will be starting the project with this concept in mind. Will try my best :)


nya said...

Baru la ni aku dpt bukak pc sendri n tgk blog ko..huhu..
Thank u so much dear for helpin me out! i noe u hv zillions of idea for this one ;)
Guestbook tu cantik gak kalo brown switch to pearl white.hehe.

If only pelamin tu dpt diubah2 design nye..sigh..i've spoken to kak zue, dia ckp pelamin sane std je..kalo nk tukar pon, color je :( yet another thing yg bwat aku frust..

x pe lah. nk wat cemane kan.mane yg dpt ubah je la kite ejas.hopefully everythings gona be fine.


nya said...

ps: i am an innocent girl ok..n still remain until now. lalala~ o:p

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