Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Housekeeping, my favourite pastime (or not ;P)

I am taking a break from researching wedding stuff this week, so here is something about home making that is quite useful :)

I could become a freak when it comes to house cleaning/keeping, hubby says i have a MONKish side (as in the TV Series, MONK). Go figure :P


There’s no question that the sheer amount of stuff in our lives has increased in the past couple of generations. We’ve far more space than most of our grandparents had, and still it takes dedicated effort just to keep our objects from taking over.

The following tips are designed by the writer who absolutely adores her nest but would like to have it uncluttered in the fastest and “funnest” way.

Tip 1:
It is easier said than done, but you must schedule time to work the clutter. Put it on your ‘to do’ list or on a calendar. And reward yourself when the chore is done.

Tip 2:
Before going to bed, do a quick sweep-through, straightening up whatever that looks out of place.

Tip 3:
When you cook, clean as you go. Wipe stains and messes off countertops right away.

Tip 4:
Organise your storeroom. Organise everything by function, such as sports gear, gardening equipment, etc. Use hanging rocks and shelves to put things in order.

Tip 5:
Do you know that clothes pulled from the washing machine and hung immediately may not need ironing? Once dry, hang them up in your closet. Or even fold them for the drawers. Remember the moment you leave them lying around, clutter builds up and would take hours to be settled rather than the quick 5 minutes had you worked on it immediately.

Tip 6:
Colour-code your wardrobe. Crammed closets look chaotic. Hang clothes in order, from light to dark, for an upscale-store feel. Alternatively, you can also hang clothes based on their category e.g. work wear, casuals etc.

Tip 7:
Need a new refrigerator? Chances are you need to spring clean your refrigerator. Pick one shelf at a time. Clean out the items that are almost empty or are past their expiry date.

Tip 8:
Do not tidy the house all in ago. Commit to one drawer or cabinet a day. The same goes for cleaning. Clean one section of the house a day.

Tip 9:
Fridge magnets. Using these are the fastest way to give your kitchen a messy look. Unless you have a serious collection please put them all away.

Tip 10:
Start an at-home filing system. Prepare a file for all of your house papers and bills. Then separate these sections (with tabs) into areas such as ‘credit card,’ ‘electricity’ or ‘grocery bills’ for a directory of your stuff.

Tip 11:
Get the kids and hubby involved. That way they know that unless they keep it neat, they would have to go through the hassle of putting things together again.

Tip 12:
As a magazine and catalogue junkie I never have the heart to throw them out. SO I make sure that the latest copies are kept on the coffee table and other in a plastic box with rollers. Alternatively, invest in some chic looking chest that can double up as storage and also as extra chairs for the guests.

Tip 13:
Reduce the number of cleaning tools that you have. Invest in multipurpose cleaners that work the floor, bathrooms and the kitchen tops. Microfibre cloths are a must have in any home. They use static electricity to attract dirt, dust and hair while tackling dirt and grease as well. Plus, they can be tossed in the washer and reused.

Tip 14:
If you have the space, make sure you have two or three laundry baskets, one for whites, one for colours, and one for the baby clothes. That will save you sorting time.

Tip 15:
The only necessary appliances on kitchen counters are the ones that you use. Stash anything else in cabinets or cupboards.

Tip 16:
For the Imelda Marcos wannabe, sort out your shoes by using a camera and some glue (or sticky tape). Simply snap a picture of your shoes and stick the photo against the shoebox.

Tip 17:
A domestically challenged writer advocates her”10 Minute Tidy” whereby she sets the kitchen timer and has all her household members scramble to unclutter the house or room as much as they can for 10 minutes. When the buzzer rings, everyone is done with his or her chores (a pretty good workout to work out some good sweat).

Tip 18:
Work around the room in one direction. This way, there won’t be any time wasted in criss-crossing the room, or vacuuming that same spot twice.

Tip 19:
When in doubt, throw it out. If it’s broken, fix it or toss it. If it’s ripped, have it mended. Don’t put it anywhere just “for now” and keep it in a perpetual holding pattern.

Tip 20:
I love decorating my home and that means that I would have an abundant collection of decorative items. Categorising the items for seasonal display helps declutter and to create a Zen environment. Rotating items keeps the decor fresh and surroundings less cluttered.

Tip 21:
Pretty baskets are ideal for organizing papers, magazines and television guides. Even your makeup sets.

Tip 22:
Don’t keep buying things. Stop and think, do I really need this and have I got somewhere to keep this?

Tip 23:
Hang up coats and put shoes away immediately when you come in the door. Hang keys on a key rack near the entrance.

Tip 24:
Listening to cheery, upbeat music when you’re organizing can get you moving, and keep you alert.

Tip 25:
In the worse case scenario, employ professionals to help you out. They will be “heartless” enough to have everything flying out of the house in no time.

Don’t let clutter discourage you. You don’t have to do everything in one day. Start small and be happy with whatever you accomplish. That is what counts to making your nest a haven.

{sourced from : My company's intranet}


sitijamilahazmi said...

oh ayuni,tips yang kamu beri sangat hebat.i hope i can be an awesome housekeeper =D but i so despise folding laundries :(

yunayuni said...

jamilah, argh, tell me about it. i hate folding laundries too :S

anil lutaze said...

gile bes entri kena leboh rajin dan trus melakukan pkr jgn tanggoh2..

rina said...

belum lg ada anak yg suka tlg 'kemas' yuni...akak dah ada domestic helper dah..kita kemas..dia tlg lg 'kemaskan'..80 kali sehari (ok tipu je..5 6 kali ada la sesi susun mainan)
..lipat baju..tak suka jugak, but terpakse buat, sbb azhar dah setelkan basuh n sidai :D

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