Thursday, February 4, 2010

Help, i need cooking ideas!

Of all the things i love to do since living together with hubby, one of the best is of course , cooking. Regardless of his notion that i am making him fat, we are both still happy with the food that i put on the table :)

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With that i found myself spending most of my waking minute cracking my head, thinking of what to cook for dinner, especially during weekdays. I always look forward to cook dinner, but after work sometimes i am just too tired to do complicated cookings.

Recently i am trying to cook something simple, light yet satisfying for dinner, but at the same time satisfies our Malaysian taste buds. Besides the usual ayam bakar, maggi goreng, roti cicah kari, sup ayam, sardine sandwiches,pasta..........anyone can share with me anything else?


Nurul said...

huhu same la weyy..salu kering idea nk masak ape.huhu

rina said...

recently akak dok masak daging/ayam+celery+carrot+bell pepper+anything else yg rasa2 leh campak2 utk menambahkan volume. perasanye ialah cajun+all purpose seasoning+mixed herb. azhar suka!

CT DALILAH said...

try tis

mummy said...

kalau i dah kering idea usually hubby would request sardin goreng pedas and sayur kacang panjang.

best gile.

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