Friday, January 8, 2010

B&B Heart This #2

{click to enlarge}

  1. A simple and sweet carnation centerpiece, here via Project Wedding.
  2. Cupcake toppers made from paper punch, from Martha Stewart Weddings.
  3. A modern twist of round paper lanterns, on a heritage of Malay wedding dais, by ADL Weddings.
  4. Avant Garde concept, chic and sublime, by Zaifie Zainal Creations Bridal Gallery.


hafizshinchan said...

Yunn, jadik wedding planner aku? hee

.:ANN512:. said...

hey dear!~

noticed u comment something @ my blog..heee :)

thanks ya!

anyway, NICE BLOG u have I must say..hehe..i link u eh yunayuni :)


yunayuni said...

apih: dah ada tarikh ke? kekekeke :P

ann: thanks for dropping by dear.linked u already too ;)

anil lutaze said...

cnthek yg amat

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