Monday, January 25, 2010

Superlove Dresses

A simple, yet gorgeous dress. I think it conveys a girl-next-door and good girly vibe.Perhaps style it up with a sash that matches your theme colour.
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CT DALILAH said...

beb, tgk tak harod n kumar goes to guatanamo bay? the wedding dress pempuan tu pakai is lovely *dreamy* hihi but tis one cantik juger :) if only i can wear dress at my wedding~

Fathiyah said...

cantik bangat! drolling ;p
kalo hijabi bride boleh ubah skit part lengan.fully lining ;)

nurarinab said...

super duper gorges!!!!

Nurul said...

waaa can i have 1 wedding (lg skali) with this dress on me? hehe

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