Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oh, Pakcik Aiskrim!

Last weekend, hubby and I enjoyed a dose of homemade ice-cream, sold by the classic pakcik aiskrim on a humble motorcycle with an enticing bell.

It has been a while since we had them, the combined flavour of corn, yam, strawberry and chocolate is delicious and reminds me of my childhood. Too bad the pakcik does not sprinkle grind peanuts on it, if not it would have been super-delicious ;)

Which, made me think of, how about having a small counter of this traditional home made icecream at your wedding reception? We have heard of murtabak, cendol, kuey tiau, and teh tarik counters, but I have not heard of this yet.

Oh, kids would love this! I bet the adults would too ;) And I think those pakcik ice-cream would not mind for an arrangement.

If you have tried this, please share your experience. Would love to hear about it! :)


rina said...

penah! penah mkn eskrem kat org kawin. org tu sewa lori mingo2 ke ape tah..yum2 tp eskrem coklat ngan vanilla je la.
good idea yuni..dpt membantu ekonomi pakcik eskrem

HafizChan said...

nanti aku buat yun

nad nazira said...

wow..brape hingget yer skrg aiskrem tempting..mcm sedap giler!

yunayuni said...

apih meh aku tolong buat booth yang cantik..hehehehe :P

nad, rm1 je kat sini :) dulu lagi murah kot eh?

yunayuni said...

kak rina, wow orang tu sewa mingo2...not bad..hihih.cambest kan!

harzharun said...

owh dear...sure budak2 n mak budak suke little sister pun prnh bg cadangan sal ni...n dia suh i bg belon yg dah ditiup tu as doorgift pd budak2..aiseh, cam besday party dia plak..

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