Monday, August 10, 2009

Saturday Cooks: First BBQ Night

This was our first attempt at BBQing. I managed to persuade hubby to have it last Saturday. At first i was planning to have around 30 guests, but after considering the last minute planning, i decided just to invite closer friends only. Which, end up only few of us (6 person to be exact).

Because it was our first time, the BBQ grill is the first purchase too. Bought it in Carrefour for RM35, and it was quite easy to use. Only that it is of a small size, but enough for a meal of 6 person.

I was impressed with hubby's skill at handling the flames too. Maybe that is a skill gained from being a mountain climber & camper "tegar" back then in UTP. Hehe.

Menu of the evening :

  • BBQ chicken, prawn kebab and squid. Sorry dears, no piccas for the kebab and squid. Too busy, i forgot to snap it.

  • Garlic Bread with homemade garlic butter. Here is a sharing for the garlic butter recipe. I got this from a TV show, few years ago. Never failed me ;)
    • Fresh lemon juice
    • Butter (butter peeps,not margarine!)
    • Fresh parsley - chopped finely
    • Garlic - blend
    • Mix all ingredients together. Of course, portion of each ingredients depends on your preference, and your serving pax.
    • Smack it on baguettes or any bread. Toast 'em!

  • Green Salad with homemade Honey Lemon dressing (this was not really "laku", because most of my guests are not a vege eater.Heheh). No pics too...huhu..Recipe for honey lemon dressing, can be found in Jamie

  • For dessert, Bread Pudding with Choc Sauce, and some fresh pineapples.Bread pudding recipe was grabbed from the Internet too ;)

I bought some fresh strawberries from Carrefour too, therefore we had Choc Dipped Strawberries from the choc sauce leftover,on Sunday.Sexy food :P

I have a feeling that we will be doing this again someday, so now maybe its time for me to hint to hubby to get a better BBQ grill.Hehehe.....


anil lutaze said...

hebat n terrernye yuni...

terngin jgk nk buat nk posa dahhh..hehehe...

yunayuni said...

ala anil..leh je.buat buka puasa.kalo rajin.kekeke..agak penat jugak sebenarnye..heheh..

durruz said...


ur husband ex-utp ke? samelah ngn kite..hehe!

excited x memasal.hehe

Haliza said...

kecur tgk gambar mknan² . hehe

Intanfareha said...

owh be..aku mahu juga ini jikalau daku kelik nnti...harus!

Nurulhuda|Adlie said...

u, yuna ke yuni? hehe..

best kan berbeku, makan bukan banyak pun, banyak masuk asap je, tp kegembiraan membakar tu yg best.. =)

2009 reads..

ive read semua mitch albom, tuesday with morries adalah my fave! yg lain belum... a thousand splendid suns best ek? where rainbows end harap2 la dapat baca soon..

yunayuni said...

durruz: hehe a a..dia dulu UTP.u pun ke? saya pun ex-utp jugak.heheh.batch mana? me jan02.

intanfareha: bereh beb.datang la kuantan! hehe.takpun kita buat gathering.

nurul: hehe.actually my name is ayuni.but my screename tak kisahla nak panggil apape.hehe.

bbq memang best kalau nak gathering kan.lepak2 kat luar borak,gossip.hehe.

mitch albom memang fav is 5people u meet in heaven.splendid sun memang best, tapi genre dia lain skit,if compared to where rainbow ends.nnti cuba la baca :)

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