Friday, August 7, 2009

Birdcage Veils Anyone?

Yes,its called birdcage veils. I just came to know that today.But, i was in love with this veil long before.

Never found it being worn in Malaysian weddings yet (maybe i havent came across it), but i think it is beautiful to try.

Image sourced from here

If you are having a modern theme for your reception, maybe you can explore on having this kind of veil. Or if you are bold enough, you can even wear it with a traditional-contemporary dress that most brides prefer nowadays.The most important thing is, discuss your preference with your tailor/wedding dress consultant thoroughly.

I have not found any of these on sale in Malaysian market. Anyone knows?

Alternatively, go for DIY. I found one here in Once Wed. If you are really into this veils, you should give it a try! I think you can find the veil material from a fabric store.

Good luck! :)


FdausAmad said...

Gua nak ajak lu dtg makan kenduri kat blog gua.Folo baca doa skali pun takpa..

Kenduri 100 hari.

Nurulhuda|Adlie said...

yunayuni.. boleh tlg? asap.. on veil, i am petite 50 kg, length mcm mana yg sesuai ek?

yunayuni said...

hi nurul.oh honestly i am not an expert at this, but from my humble opinion choosing veils depends more on the type of dress that you are wearing, and of course your preference too.

from my readings usually petite brides is not advised to have a too heavy and long veil, coz it might overshadow you.

but then again, kalau dress you sesuai, i think its still ok if you want a long cathedral veil (yang panjang meleret tu).

i personally think the key to a great bridal attire is the way you present and make sure that your veil complements your dress. contohnya, kalau pakai dress yang sarat and fancy, i think the best veil is fingertip length.and not too much detail on the veil anymore.

kalau nikah, i think fingertip veil pun cantik, yang bentuk half moon pun ok.. chiffon, or lace material.kalau untuk reception, if long ones pun ok. consider your train too.jangan dua2 terlalu panjang.

i had a double layer veil during my reception. i chose a long one coz my dress is a bubble type.example lah.heheh.

paling penting, is in the end, you look beautiful, and feel confident :)

cuba en google pun banyak membantu :)

Nurulhuda|Adlie said...

i think firgertip will suits me the most, cos i tak berapa gemar yg panjang, in the end whether u suka ke tak kan, hehe.. my bf gonna buy the kain, suprise la tu konon, so i tgh fikir nak suruh beli extra ke ape.. whether lawa ke tak kalau lace tu match.. owww so many q's lingers in my mind.. n 1 more thing kan, 4 meter is enough kan for baju kurung moden?

yunayuni said...

aww so sweet.rajin dia nak belikan.biasa orang laki kdg2 tak minat bab2 tu.heheh.

4 meter sgt cukup untuk kurung moden. kalau nak buat veil tu kena lebihla skit kot.

fizz said...

my friend once wore birdcage veil on her wedding last year. chantek!

Marlisa Asraf said...

Hi, I'm Rosie Marlisa a local designer for birdcage veils in Malaysia. Please visit my temporary blog to look at a sneak peek preview of my Veillavouz Collection for weddings and special events. The real website is on the way and you might see more of my collection in the magazines soon.

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