Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sunday Cooks

Of course, on the weekends, cooking is my favourite pastime.Its worth cooking nowadays, since i have Mr Husband to help me with the eating part. Hehe :) So this is what came out of the kitchen last Sunday....

...for lunch
Chicken Korma
Not so bad for my first time. Hubby gave me thumbs up,so that made my day :)

Stir Fried Kangkung with Shrimps

...for dinner
Potato Chips

Cucumber and Tomato Salad

ala Bergedel, but it still has the western taste :P


Anis said...

uuuu~~~ u r becoming a very good housewife~ i'm not sure i'll be spending so much time cooking though nnt~ hahahaha. sian ideal~ :P

yunayuni said... far still rajin.tataula nnti dah ada baby mcmana..hihi

nya said...

weh ko dh ade isi ke?? x btau pon :(

nya said...

hmm..leh nampak beza yuni dulu smpai la ke skg..dulu blog dia kamen lg rockstar sane rockstar cni..skg makin lame makin sme masak2, decor2..pasni baby2 plak..

yunayuni said...

yenna nya nya.mana ada isi lagi lah.hahaha.for sure will let you know kalau ada OK.haha.dont woli.

ha a,aku sendiri kalau tgk blog lama cam Okayyyy...sgt innocent and kanak2 riang :)

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