Friday, May 22, 2009

Perhaps some Damask?

I find this very inspiring, especially for modern brides. You hardly hear or find this concept being used in traditional Malay weddings, but its worth the try. Opt for black and white damask, and a hint of brighter colour. Fuchsia, or olive green, perhaps?

I found some decorations for this concept in SSF. So if you decide to go for this pattern, you can head down to the nearest branch, for the decorations.

Make sure you discuss this with your wedding consultant/planner/mak andam, if you hire any, and be very clear of your preferences.


diha said...

yuniiii i'm loving it!!!thanx for sharing.tak tau la bile majlis nye but u just triggered my excitement ehehehe

yunayuni said...

hehe thanks for dropping by diha.more to come ;)

takpe yang penting angan2 tu ada.haha.

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