Sunday, December 11, 2011

Blog Link : The Junetastic Brides

Dear Bride to Be's,

Check out this new blog, written by 3 BFF bride-to-be, about their June 2012 Wedding Preparations. One of them happens to be a good friend and colleague of mine. Click on the photo above to be redirected to the blog.

There is always a lot to discover from each other, from the dress to the dais. I hope that this blog will also help you with yours! :)

P/S : If you wish to have me share out your wedding blog, do drop me a line at If your blog seems in sync with my genre, perhaps I could review and link you up! ;)


The Junetastic Brides said...

Hehe thanks for the link ;)!

Lembayung Senja Photography said...

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