Sunday, October 2, 2011

My brother's engagement hantaran

Before I write further, let me take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who still follows this blog. I appreciate that as time goes by there is still an increase in my followers list, which means that I owe you, my respected reader, more posts and updates.

My brother just got engaged last Saturday, and I was happy to make the hantarans for him. The colour, i shall say is the most challenging, as he wanted blue. I am not much of a blue fan anymore, especially when it comes to that turqoise and striking blue which made a hit last few years. I think its sooo yesterday (no pun intended :))

After I made some research, I suggested to my brother to have a more of an aquamarine blue. He agreed, and so here we are. I bought the artificial flowers from SSF, because personally I think that their flowers are more realistic. And the end results is a combination of aquamarine, green, white and silver. Not bad huh?

Well as usual, I hope this colour combination inspires you nonetheless. Please ignore the messy background of my makeshift "craft room". Heheh.


Sirih and Rings


Kain telekung

Set of fabric for akad nikah attire


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