Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hello again, and how about black on a bouquet?

Hey ladies (and gentlemen), I am back. I do not want to bore you with my excuses for absence again, so let this be the comeback for now.

I found this photo quite sometime ago, and because I am such a lover of creamy and pink hues, I adore this beautiful piece. Some of us do not like black for weddings, but to me, I think it looks gorgeous when paired with a sweet colour like this.

Too bad I forgot where I got this from, so to the owner or anyone, please let me know if you find out the source, so that I can give credits respectively.

Aaahh..i could stare at this bouquet for quite sometime :)

On another note, I have brought up my personal blog via Blogspot again (before it was Wordpress). So to those of you interested to know me more,drop by for a visit ;)

Until then ;)


Fathiyah said...

welkam back!
lama tau kte tgu entry awak.hehe

*Idina* said...

hi there~

I think its beautiful~
We can say the same for almost about everything ; in every good, there's always a little bit of evil (and vice versa)=)

(byk pulak la ckp kan, hehe~ nway, nice to know you ;))

yunayuni said...

hi idina..yeah nice note there.i like the way you put it.ala2 yin yang camtu kan.heheh.baru balance :)

thx for dropping by.

fathiyah...tq tau masih setia.ihiks :P

*Idina* said...

Thanks! Hope there will be lots more entries by you~ I have fun reading it~ ;)

amElyn said...

hi dear!
this my first time to be here!
feel free to drop by n share some info on wedding prep eh! i baru2 join B2B community..hehe
kip in touch yah!! xoxo
im following u btw~

p/s : congrats on ur baby!!! hope dpt baby yg comel sehat n gebussss!

yunayuni said...

hi amelyn..thanks for the well wishes dear, and hope i can inspire you for your wedding :D

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