Monday, July 6, 2009

Saturday Cooks : For the In-Laws

MIL and FIL was in town last weekend, and i was scratching my head on what to cook for dinner.I remembered mama's all time favourite homemade spaghetti sauce.So i decided to go for it. Since they are not keen to eating beef, i used chicken instead.

Homemade Pasta Sauce, serve with any type of Pasta

Olive oil
Chili paste (if you like it hot)
Tomato Puree
Minced Chicken/Minced Beef - precooked
A bit of sugar and salt
Oregano and Parmesan Cheese for garnishing

1)Blend the onions and garlic into a smooth paste.
2)Heat oil and sautee the onion and garlic paste. When it browns a bit,put in the chili paste too.
3)Put in the meat of your choice.
4)Put in the tomato puree.
5)When it heats up,put in the mushrooms.
6)Season with sugar and salt,to taste.
7)Garnish with oregano and parmesan when serving

Note: Sorry for not specifying the quantities of the ingredients.I have a bad habit of cooking without measurements.So,what you can do is estimate the quantity based on how many people eating.

Simple,but i think it they like it.Heheh. And hubby had lots of helpings,which indicates that he also loves it.

Bapak also bought some fresh fish from the fisherman market.So me and mak also grilled the fish as another option for dinner.

If you come to Kuantan and you love seafood, let me know. I'd love to recommend some nice spots ;)


Haliza said...

slrppppp.. Sedapnya.
awk, kalau ade resepi lain, sudi² la share kat blog eh. hehe..

yunayuni said...

haliza: owh boleh aje..hehe.i try my best.saya pun still belajar2 ni..heheh.

Intanfareha said...

owh beb..when i come home..jom laa pegi makan seafood..u make me hungry already..ciss je!

BuTtErFlyInFraMe said...

oh oh...syedap..that was one of my fav!! dulu slalu masak n makan benda alah tu je, n jadi pumpkin..hehe..then decided to STOP..sekali sekala should be ok..

yunayuni said...

effa: haha yeke.tu ah aku pun kalau tgk gambar mknan mesti lapar.hihi.jom2 makan seafood.

butterfly:pasta memang dangerous kalau mkn byk2..leh contribute to weight gain..hihi.tapi sedap :P

anil lutaze said...

sodap errr......

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